Ebola case in Macedonia

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A Briton with symptoms of Ebola has died in Macedonia, local authorities said. The hotel in Skopje where he was staying has been sealed off, while another Briton and hotel staff are being kept inside to prevent possible spreading of infection.

VERY alarming:
A Macedonian government spokesman told the BBC that a companion of the late Briton told the local authorities that they had travelled straight from the UK and had not visited countries affected by Ebola

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There seems to be some 'intentionality' on how this virus is spreading. The person traveling from Liberia to USA for example, the confusion about handling the case by health authorities, and some cases to other countries and on the other hand, USA sent a few thousand troops to Africa to contain this virus, (this appears to be a positive move by some sectors of the military). MSM media influence populace through fear and manipulate how people think about events like CNN, and main TV channels have ebola and other news as constant bombardment, which makes all this very suspicious since it all appears as a 'promotion'.

So it seems there are 2 camps here. At least on the surface.

Also, the virus could be transmitted easier than just by contact with body secretions from ill individuals. there is no clear answer to this.

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the possibility of there may be clashing factions among the establishment, exists.

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