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forever wrote:Spiritual vs genetic bias was an important distinction.

It makes more sense that the genetic modifications were made to the 3d body in general --the reason for this is obscure, but one of the possibilities could be that the martians were already at least mid-3D, besides for allowing for more rapid development for everyone else.

not so obscure, actually. from yahweh's later moves, it is evident that they have a bias of 'making' the positive 'win over' the negative, in their perception. what they did ranged from initial genetic manipulation for the bodies (which would, in their mind, make entities choose positive polarity because they would be able to 'see creator better') to incarnating and actually mating with earth entities to make them bigger so they could fight with negatives and win.

so, its not so obscure.

other reasons may include the desire to prevent the destructive warfare making which was seen in maldek and mars, which came to being as an effect of logos choosing a body which is able to manipulate its environment this much.

'rapid development' -> such a thing does not exist. spirit develops in its due time and that cannot be modified by external factors, as the history of this solar system shows.

These actions some way or another, contributed for this planet to be a 4D positive planet at the end.

hard to tell. 'recent developments put this planet in a positive time/space continuum' is quite a broad statement. those developments can be anything from hippies' incarnation to ww2, to events or cosmic events happening elsewhere (or nearby) in the galaxy.

The transition is now occurring (to 4D positive). It would take ~100-700 years (well 67 years minimum since 1981). People seem to be migrating more, congregating in different zones. (and some zones being very distinctive ....even economic zones like BRICS)

brics is more a realization of political principles than a 4d grouping. but, some elements of 4d thought exist in it, evidently.

What are the effects of these biases and what should 4d people be aware of starting this transition ? Seems orange vs green zones are bound to exist as yellow ray intensity wanes.

separation will happen. inevitably. in between brothers and sisters, families, friends, colleagues, sub-cultures, nations.


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