How is the transition occurring

Earth, Society, Personal changes on the road going from Earth to Gaia in the transition to 4th density society

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shouldnt 3d8 be 4d1?

Seems many people are waiting for a 'flash of light' that will probably never occur as the cycle and time for that already passed.

if a flash of light event refers to a harvest situation, true.

however after this point, when harvest has been done and 4d is set off, personal situations, flashes, extraordinary events would not only be possible, but also increasing in abundance.

technically an entity who is in harmony with its environment, the change, and its own path should not require any such extraordinary events, unless those events had been prepared before incarnation or accidental. it is entirely possible that an entity should have chosen a life of extraordinary or paranormal events. in addition, entities moving into 4d would need to start encountering these kind of events and acclimate with them, and start learning them, since they will be a facet of 4d itself.

an interesting thing to note is deaths of various personas - dolores cannon, Dr Masaru Emoto (discoverer of water consciousness), right at the 1-3 day period in the past week during which there was massive geomagnetic storm due to a CME influx, as well as high X ray levels. Solar effect on earth seems to have very important meaning.

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shouldnt 3d8 be 4d1?

the way i understand it, it is easier to think for me 3d7 but 3d8 should be valid per this music definition of octave :

(An octave consists of 7 unique notes, but spans 8; octo is Latin for “eight.”) ... octave.htm

But then "the 8th note is the same note as the first note of the next octave just one octave up".....says someone i asked who is also a good musician...but i am not sure i understand that....

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it seems you are taking octave as spanning 7+1 UP -> meaning, the 1st of next octave, you are adding to earlier.

what the musician says seems to be grouping the octave with 1+7. Ie, first of this octave is last of the earlier octave.

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no, the same. he is also doing 7+1. which means last of this octave is also first of the next octave.

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Seems that is precisely the quantum leap the 'just one octave up'.

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forever wrote:Seems that is precisely the quantum leap the 'just one octave up'.

as in?

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as in?

I had in mind things contained here in this search for 'quantum'

This is more directly related:

40.10 ↥ Questioner: What, assuming that we are, our vibration— I am assuming this vibration started increasing about between twenty and thirty years ago. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The first harbingers of this were approximately forty-five of your years ago, the energies vibrating more intensely through the forty-year period preceding the final movement of vibratory matter, shall we say, through the quantum leap, as you would call it.

40.11 Questioner: Starting then, forty-five years ago, and taking the entire increase in vibration that we will experience in this density change, approximately what percentage of the way through this increase of vibration are we right now?

Ra: I am Ra. The vibratory nature of your environment is true color, green. This is at this time heavily over-woven with the orange ray of planetary consciousness. However, the nature of quanta is such that the movement over the boundary is that of discrete placement of vibratory level.

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this is hard to make a solid conclusion from.

it can pertain to individuals. the radical changes many individuals are making, or situations/illnesses/death and the like they are encountering, may be results of their own quantum leap.

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Important interchange i wanted to share. One of the main and shared reasons wanderers are here is to kinda 'absorb' the end of cycle influences (I suppose mainly from sub-Logos the sun) in creating earthquakes, etc so these are no so pronounced or even they are prevented. This can really make a wanderer drained and tired (kinda like the healer after a heavy healing session). I started by questioning the role of continuity.

I don't think continuity is that critical to begin with. Destruction
however is.
continuity is important. it ensures the continuance of racial memory,
which is shaped by - and also shapes - spiritual bias. not only its a
manifestation of the collective spirits of the entities, but it also
carries the collective through octave - a great way for the collective
itself. akin to the individual entity.

note mars. the racial mind there is broken. what is left is only what
is left in subconscious of entities who lived there - and that is only
as much as what has remained. whatever characteristic and bias they
had is not present. so the mind/body/spirit complex of the mars entity
had been destroyed - not only in physical, but also in time/space.
martian entities couldnt even stay in the astral plane of mars.

continuity must persist as much as possible, must be smooth as much as
possible, and any kind of destruction must take the form of uniform
and non-disruptive change - on average.

If 6d wanderers have to incarnate in mass to prevent a break in
continuity then this has to happen almost in every 3d mixed harvest
planet --with heavy veil.
totally depends on the spiritual and racial mind characteristics, also
the environment of the planet. also the body selected for 3d
experience. without this much ability to effect change on his own
environment, mankind couldnt be this destructive.
If I remember, one of the main causes of the mass incarnation of
wanderers was the involvement of the Confederation in the first place
to begin with. Then the orion inroads in the middle east, of course.
that wouldnt be correct. looking way back at maldek, and then mars,
and then even this planet's own history, it seems that there is a
major problem with the format logos chose - opposable thumb entities
who can effect major change on their environment. that's what brings
about the destruction.


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