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Earth, Society, Personal changes on the road going from Earth to Gaia in the transition to 4th density society

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The Ra Material mentions:

41.14 Questioner: Is this energy center, then, on a very small scale related to the orange energy center in man?

Ra: I am Ra. The true color is precisely the same. However, the consciousness of the second-density beginning is primitive and the use of orange ray limited to the expression of self which may be seen to be movement and survival.

In third density, at this time, those clinging to orange ray have a much more complex system of distortions through which orange ray is manifested. This is somewhat complicated. We shall endeavor to simplify.

The appropriate true color for third density is, as you have ascertained, yellow. However, the influences of the true color, green, acting upon yellow-ray entities have caused many entities to revert to the consideration of self rather than the stepping forward into consideration of other-self or green ray. This may not be seen to be of a negatively polarized nature, as the negatively polarized entity is working very intensively with the deepest manifestations of yellow-ray group energies, especially the manipulations of other-self for service to self. Those reverting to orange ray, and we may add these are many upon your plane at this time, are those who feel the vibrations of true color green and, therefore, respond by rejecting governmental and societal activities as such and seek once more the self.

However, not having developed the yellow ray properly so that it balances the personal vibratory rates of the entity, the entity then is faced with the task of further activation and balancing of the self in relation to the self, thus the orange-ray manifestations at this space/time nexus.

Thus true color orange is that which it is, without difference. However, the manifestations of this or any ray may be seen to be most various depending upon the vibratory levels and balances of the mind/body or mind/body/spirit complexes which are expressing these energies.

There is an interesting phenomenon in Japan 'the grass eaters'

The net is full of good and bad articles about it.

In the US and other '1st world' anglophone countries, the MGTOW movement seems to be growing as well (no wikipedia page) so example of forum:

Seems a clear trend to orange not only of men but as well by women since much of the action-reaction was initiated by laws that seem promote this division between men/women in these capitalistic societies.

However, the trend is a decrease in population. Is this going to created deeper division to the point of societal collapse in these countries ? Probably this is only part of the transition and it seems the orange trend is very obvious. The reasons were unexpected. And some arguments are very logical. Still, the trend is orange.

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there are many factors around the herbivore trend in japan.

one of the foremost is the 'homosexual effect' that overcrowding has.

if you remember ra has explained that overcrowding in cities causes constant infringement on people's energy fields, causing them to react by developing homosexual tendencies. ra explains that if these people go to a less crowded location and live there, the desire to reproduce, therefore the red ray comes back again.

this seems to be an evolutionary/spiritual mechanism to prevent overcrowding.

however, if we turn to the herbivore trend in japan, its easy to see that it is at play there : japan is EXTREMELY crowded. probably there is no other country which is as crowded as japan. which would naturally not only push people away from other people, but also create this effect above.

not surprisingly there are herbivores in japan now, who are more feminine men - but still male, and probably most heterosexual - AND, there are carnivores - who are described as aggressive women. who are also reacting similarly to these factors it seems.

there are also other factors. herbivore movement also has a component of reaction to the 'work hard like a bee until you die from overwork or retire at age 70 with no time for yourself' format which has been pushed to japanese people through the capitalist system implemented by big industrialist families owning japanese economy. since 1950s.

these people dont want to work their lives off like their fathers. instead they want to do things they want, and pursue lives that would matter to them.

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It seems to have several components. Yellow/orange of this very competitive capitalism is indeed a big part of the reaction. Orange influences due to the influx of green ray, as Ra says, and lack of meaningful yellow expression (due to the absurdity of this same capitalism and it changing laws, etc --latest one applying as well more so to the MGTOW phenomenon).

The crowding effect is not so prominent in the above mentioned movement.

31.10 Questioner: Roughly how many previous incarnations, shall we say, would a male entity in this incarnation have had to have had in the past as a female to have a highly homosexual orientation in this incarnation? Just roughly.

Ra: I am Ra. If an entity has had roughly 65% of its incarnations in the sexual/biological body complex, the opposite polarity to its present body complex, this entity is vulnerable to the aura infringement of your urban areas and may perhaps become of what you call an homosexual nature.

It is to be noted at this juncture that although it is much more difficult, it is possible in this type of association for an entity to be of great service to another in fidelity and sincere green-ray love of a nonsexual nature thus adjusting or lessening the distortions of its sexual impairment.

31.8 Questioner: We have what seems to be an increasing number of entities incarnate here now who have what is called a homosexual orientation in this respect. Could you explain and expand upon that concept?

Ra: I am Ra. Entities of this condition experience a great deal of distortion due to the fact that they have experienced many incarnations as biological male and as biological female. This would not suggest what you call homosexuality in an active phase were it not for the difficult vibratory condition of your planetary sphere. There is what you may call great aura infringement among your crowded urban areas in your more populous countries, as you call portions of your planetary surface. Under these conditions the confusions will occur.

The homosexuality factor seems to occur with precondition of number incarnations male vs female according to the above q/a's.

I think an important concept is that whatever the reasons, unless further analyzed, they seems to synchronize to provide exquisitely arranged continuity. At least in a veiled environment like this one.

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By the way, notice the significator of the spirit is male and female:
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the overcrowding factor is not shown to be linked with male/female incarnation ratio however.

they both may play an effect in a person's preferences.

as for overcrowding - overcrowding is always a problem in japan. everywhere. ranging from having to live in very small houses to packed streets.

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